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Welcome to the Easy Malayalam blog

Q & A with Elikutty - Story of an American who conquered Malayalam

I am American, born and raised. I grew up in various parts of Georgia and then went to Korea at 21 to pursue a career of teaching English. I have since worked in Texas, NYC, UAE, and now Hanoi. I am a teacher, trainer, and content creator with a love for spreading knowledge and understanding of other cultures and people.

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Easy Malayalam finally has a website!

I am so excited to write my first blog/website which is built by me from the scratch. No wordpress no google, just me and the web technologies. I wish to write about some language learning tips for Malayalam and in general. Thanks folks for all the support! :)

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This one trick can help you speak more Malayalam!

Have you ever experienced stuck speaking Malayalam? For eg. You don't know what to say after starting the conversation with 'Hi!', 'How are you?'

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