# All Malayalam Resources

# YouTube-rs

Name Link
🆕 Fluent in Malayalam Link (opens new window)
🆕 Malayala Madhuryam Link (opens new window)
Elikutty Link (opens new window)
Easy Malayalam Link (opens new window)
Mallu Sayip Link (opens new window)

# Podcasts

Name Genre
Tent Podcast General
Ennodoppam Malayalam Podcast General
Free Talks Malayalam Podcast General
Kaecawdo General
Purple - Malayalam Podcast General

# Music 🆕

Below is a collaborative Spotify playlist created by the followers on Instagram with me. It's a collection of favorite songs, so you know it already, it's gonna be the best hits. Feel free to add more(only the best one's please and only Malayalam)

# Books

  • 🆕 A University Course and Reference Grammar, Fourth Edition(find a free copy on the home page) - Roadney F. Moag
  • 🆕 A Linguistic Survey of the Malayalam Language in Its Own Terms - Gamliel, Ophira

# General Language Learning